DriveWise Trinidad adopts a modern approach to learning and utilizes training aids and concepts from the Aerospace Industry. The Aerospace philosophy places special emphasis on Human Factors, Performance and Limitations. This enables us to assist individuals in achieving their maximum potential.

We believe in implementing a proactive approach that identifies the root cause of an individual’s challenge. These challenges are then addressed through very specific focus training sessions that are designed to meet the desired outcomes. Utilizing Audience Response Systems as well as State-of-the-Art Virtual Reality Simulators, we are able to enhance the learning and risk mitigation process to achieve maximum results. DriveWise has a proven track record of increasing averages, individual and group performance. Our programs prove to be very effective in increasing safety, reducing risk, decreasing cost as well as increasing fuel economy.

DriveWise Trinidad consists of three divisions:

  • Advanced Driver Training (ADT) – Interactive In-Class, Simulation & In-Vehicle Training
  • Interactive Learning Solutions (ILS) – Immersive Classroom & Online Training
  • Incident Command Solutions (ICS) – Virtual Reality & Hybrid Crisis Management Training

Simulation has proven to assist in achieving a much higher level of understanding and proficiency in less time, with less cost. By using a virtual reality simulator, participants can be placed in dangerous situations without being exposed to danger. Any scenario can be created in our simulators and participants gain experience handling situations that would not be possible to practice otherwise. DriveWise adopts a Proactive approach to driving and highlights attitudes, hazards and visual cues which contribute to collisions and fatalities. Our aim and objective is to prevent undesirable situations from occurring which can be fatal or otherwise. ILS is a holistic solution which develops the academic and soft skills required to understand and work with others efficiently and effectively. The solution has been designed to be affordable, enjoyable, engaging and suitable for different learning styles and paces. ICS offers a comprehensive simulation training platform utilizing the expertise, concepts and technology from the Aerospace Industry to focus on the challenges of Crisis Management. This comprehensive Crisis Management Solution focuses on risk mitigation and disaster preparedness.

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